VMware Workstation Player VM open issue

After a long vacations of Christmas and New Year. I am back and hopefully I can keep blogging consistently.

1. If VM is stored in external drive due to its massive size and being accessed via USB 3.  There could be an issue in opening VM in VMware Workstation Player. If you happened to see “VMware: Failed to open virtual machine: A file access error occurred on the host or guest operating system” when you try to open VM from external drive. The error message is misleading and it has nothing to do with host or guest OS.  It should be the folder access issue in where the account you used is not able to modify the folder in where VM resides.  You just need to grant Write permission and then you will able to make use of VM on external drive.

folder security

2. Hyper-V On issue (most common one for new PC with Windows 10).  If you see the following error message. What should you do? Turn off Hyper-V?

hyper-v issue

No you DO NOT need to turn off Hyper-V from Windows Features option. Even you did, Windows 10 might not able to turn off Hyper-V properly during the reboot and update process and it will undo the changes.  I have dumped into this with bootcamp of Macbook.


It is actually related to Hyper-V role which is installed and this conflicts with VMware Workstation. To disable Hyper-V from starting the following command can be used: (Windows reboot is a must have to take this effect) Please see this for details.

bcdedit /set hypervisorlaunchtype off

The following command can be used to enable back:

bcdedit /set hypervisorlaunchtype auto

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